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‘Drawing on over 40 Years Experience of the London, Continental and North American Insurance Markets’

​International Marine Insurance Expert Witness and Consultant

Commercial Liability Insurance Expert Witness and Consultant

Also covering the Energy Sector & Serving All 5 Continents

‘Drawing on over 40 Years Experience of the London, Continental and North American Insurance Markets’

​International Marine Insurance Expert Witness and Consultant

Commercial Liability Insurance Expert Witness and Consultant

Also covering the Energy Sector & Serving All 5 Continents

Marine and Liability Insurance Expert Witness and Consultancy Services

We offer the following services: Marine and liability insurance expert witness, contentious claims review, audit and peer review, insurance archaeology and insurance courses.


General Insurance Consulting and Consultancy

Services include : Insurance expert witness, insurance company, Lloyds Syndicate and coverholder audit and peer review, contentious claims review, insurance archaeology and historical research, insurance courses and workshops.


Marine Insurance Consultant and Expert Witness

All classes of marine and liability insurance including cargo, hull, P and I, public liability, casualty, employer liability, pollution, general contractor, construction, errors and omissions, professional indemnity, marine trade, freight forwarder, transit intermediary war and terrorism, yacht, incoterms, letters of credit, subrogation, energy, oil and gas, compliance and international sanctions.

Case Review

Expert Witness Marine Insurance

Retained in 45 cases in United Kingdom, Canada, United States and Singapore. Over 20 expert opinions. Sworn expert testimony in 15 cases. Testified at trial on 5 occasions.


Expert Witness

We provide insurance expert witness and litigation support services to the legal community on all 5 Continents.

Insurance Consulting

We offer insurance consulting services to the insurance, shipping and transportation, energy, oil and gas industry.

Audit & Peer Review

We offer audit and peer review services in the field of underwriting and claims to insurance companies, Lloyd’s Syndicates and reinsurers.

Insurance Archeology

We offer insurance archeology and historical research services to find lost policy documents.

Contentious Claims Review

Looking at a claim with a second set of professional eyes.


We offer courses in marine, energy and liability insurance to all relevant sectors of industry.

Our 4 Core Values

marine Insurance Expert Witness


Marine Insurance Expert Witness Consultant


Marine Insurance Expert Witness Consultant


Marine Insurance Expert Witness


Additional Services

We provide two additional services, Expert Determination and Expert Witness for Liability and Casualty Insurance. We have outlined those services in detail on their own websites, take a look via the links below:

Expert Determination

Expert Determination and Determiner Services

Expert Determination is a proven and viable alternative to litigation, arbitration and mediation. The procedure is normally relatively simple and informal.

Expert Witness For Liability Insurance

Expert Witness Insurance

An expert witness can play a very important role in the field of liability insurance claim resolution, whether the dispute be in the form of litigation, arbitration or even mediation.

About Alan Jervis

Alan Jervis Marine Insurance Expert Witness

Alan Jervis is both an accredited and experienced Insurance Expert Witness. Alan is also an accredited Expert Determiner specialising in the insurance sector and trade disputes.

In order to best serve his legal community clients, Alan is committed to remaining up to date on insurance industry custom and practice as well as changes in the legal, regulatory and economic environment affecting the way insurance is underwritten and the way in which insurance policies are serviced. This includes knowledge and experience with regard to the way in which claims are handled and adjusted.

Alan is an active insurance practitioner. He is also an accredited insurance auditor and peer reviewer within both the London, Continental and North American insurance markets. As an accredited instructor to the Chartered Insurance Institute, he teaches insurance courses on a regular basis and participates in insurance education initiatives.

Alan also attends professional development courses to build on his existing expertise and to ensure that he is current on industry practices.

Alan is a Member of the Academy of Experts, a Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute and Chartered Insurer and is also a vetted member of the UK Register of Experts.

  • Over 40 years experience as an insurance underwriter, claims adjuster, subrogation specialist and instructor to various industries.
  • Working experience in the UK, London, French, Canadian and American insurance industries.
  • Coverholder auditor for London market and European insurers
  • Employed as an international casualty adjuster by Lloyd’s Syndicate
  • Peer review of Lloyd’s Syndicate casualty claims
  • Reserve validation: Lloyd’s Syndicates
  • Retained as an expert witness in over 40 cases in the United Kingdom, Canada, USA and Singapore.
  • Testified as an expert at 4 trials and over 12 pre-trial hearings and depositions.
  • Elected as a full practising member of the Academy of Experts in 2020
  • Vetted Member of the UK Register of Experts
  • Elected as Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute, UK
  • Elected as Chartered Insurer of the Chartered Insurance Institute, UK
  • Elected as a Member of the Rules and Practice Committee of the Association of Average Adjusters from 1994 to 2000
  • Elected as a Member of the Loss Prevention Committee of the International Union of Marine Insurance from 1993 to 1998
  • Elected as a Member of the Joint IUMI and International P and I Working Group on general Average in 1996
  • Elected as Vice-President Canadian Board of Marine Underwriters 199 to 2000
  • President and Chief Agent of Maritime Insurance Company, Canada 1994 to 1996
  • President of Canada Security Insurance Company 1989 to 1995
  • Owner and President of underwriting agency from 1996 to 2000
  • Responsible for run off of property and casualty business for Norwich Union Insurance Group Canada 1985 to 1996
  • Over 3 years experience as wholesale agent
  • Regional underwriting manager of insurer from 2011 to 2018
  • Accredited course provider for the Chartered Insurance Institute, London
  • Former accredited course provider for the Insurance Institute of Canada, IBAO and RIBO

As a practicising expert, Alan follows the Codes of Practice of the Academy of Experts. For more information, please CLICK HERE

Marine Insurance expert witness

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