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Insurance Bad Faith 23 October 2007

A Parting of the Ways The Approach of Canadian Courts to Bifurcation of Bad Faith Claims on First-Party Property Losses By Havelock Madill The trend as seen in the United States of insureds conjoining bad faith claims with suits arising from denial of first-party...

Quebec – Trucker’s Liability 21 November 2008

QUEBEC SUPERIOR COURT RULES THAT TRUCKER’S LIABILITY LIMIT IS BASED ON CONTRACT WEIGHT, NOT THE WEIGHT OF THE CARGO ACTUALLY CARRIED. SHAWN K. FAGUY Our firm represented St. Paul Travelers (“Travelers”), the subrogated insurer of Boutique Jacob Inc. (“Jacob”), a well...

Inherent Vice – Marine Insurance

INHERENT VICE IN MARINE INSURANCE LAW: THE CASE OF THE “BENGAL ENTERPRISE” By J. Kenrick Sproule, Sproule Faguy T.M. NOTEN B.V. V. PAUL CHARLES HARDING (Originally published in Seaports and the Shipping World – September 1990 Issue) Perhaps one of the most confounding...