About Us

Jervis ICI Ltd, though its predecessor companies, was established in 2003 to offer consulting services to the insurance, risk management, shipping and transportation, energy, environmental, aviation and travel industries as well as the legal and educational communities throughout the 5 Continents.

Anyone involved in industry, commerce and trade is aware that the stakes are usually high and that the investment – whether this be in the form of high valued cargo, a large ocean going commercial vessel, a factory or other production and storage facility,  an aircraft, a marina, a ship building facility, a port, a ship yard, an oil rig or platform – can easily run into millions of dollars. From both an insurer perspective and an insured perspective, having the proper knowledge and risk management resources in place are key factors in protecting the property as well as the potential liability exposures arising from its operations and use.

Over the past 17 years, Jervis ICI  has successfully advised insurers, reinsurers, insurance brokers, insurance agents, surveyors, adjusters, risk managers, solicitors and legal counsel, importers, exporters, risk managers, freight forwarders, customs brokers, load brokers, trucking companies and warehouse operators on matters involving insurance, risk management, loss prevention and mitigation.

Whilst Jervis ICI have been retained when things have badly gone wrong, we have also been retained to offer knowledge, expertise, guidance and resources to various industries as proactive steps to avoid physical loss or damage or liabilities.

To this end, we recognise the considerable value in insurance education and, over the years, have offered over 250 classes and workshops in insurance and risk management on a wide range of topics.

We offer the following services:

  • Insurance consultation
  • Claims consultation
  • Expert witness and litigation support
  • Insurance audits
  • Peer review
  • Risk management
  • Workshops and courses
  • e-learning
  • Insurance archeology


About Alan Jervis

Alan is a graduate of Trent Law School and a post graduate in law at the University of Aix-Marseilles, France.

Alan began his insurance career with a P and I agency in Marseilles and in 1978, joined the Norwich Union Group. For a period spanning nearly over 20 years, Alan was employed in the Group’s Liverpool, London, Le Havre and Toronto offices.

During this time, he graduated first as an Associate and then as a Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute, London. He holds the designation ‘Chartered Insurer’.

After leaving the Group in 1996, Alan founded two corporations specialising in the field of underwriting and claims with regard to property, liability, marine cargo, hull and P and I risks in both Canada and the United States. As an independent underwriting agent, he has represented the Canadian, London, European and American markets. His marine and transportation insurance experience spans over 34 years in several countries. Alan has been retained as a consultant to companies within the insurance, shipping and transportation industries. He has served as an expert witness and litigation support to legal counsel in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom in connection with highly technical and complex general, marine, cargo, hull, P and I and transportation claims.

Alan has spoken at a number of international insurance, international law, trade, transportation and freight forwarding conferences including ones held in Tokyo, Japan, and in Oslo, Norway and has represented Canada at International Working Groups. He has served on international marine insurance committees held in Rotterdam, New Orleans, Tokyo, London, Stockholm and Cap Ferrat, France. His speeches have been quoted in the U.S Journal of Commerce.

He has also worked with various national and international organizations relating to international trade, logistics and transportation, marine transportation law and practice, marine insurance education and training. Some of these organizations include: the Association of Average Adjusters of Canada, the International Working Group of Protecting and Indemnity Clubs, Canadian Board of Marine Underwriters, Maritime Law Association of Canada, International Working Group on General Average, the International Union of Marine Insurance, Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association and the Insurance Institute of Canada.

Prior to founding his corporations in 1985, Alan was President, Director and Chief Agent for Canada of the branch operations of Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society Limited, Maritime Insurance Company and Canada Security Insurance Company. He has extensive experience in underwriting and claims, reinsurance contracts and agreements, property and casualty insurance and marine insurance wordings and clauses.

As a qualified linguist and graduate in law from Nottingham University in England, he subsequently won a scholarship to attend the University of Aix Marseilles in France to study international business and Common Market law. He was one of six students to receive this French government scholarship.

Alan is the holder of Degrees and Diplomas in Law, French, Linguistics, Insurance, International Marine and Transportation Insurance and Risk Management and he has qualified with a diploma in Alternative Dispute Resolution.

He is currently an advisor, consultant and trainer in the fields of marine insurance wordings, underwriting and claims practices, risk management, logistics and international trade for several well known national and international corporations and for a number of law firms within the United Kingdom, Continental Europe, the Far East, Canada and the United States. He is also an instructor for the Insurance Institute of Canada, Insurance Brokers Association of Canada and teaches Continuing Education courses to insurance brokers in the field of marine, transportation and international trade. Recently, Alan taught a 3 day workshop on marine insurance in the port city of Singapore, with students attending from a number of countries based in Asia.

Please feel free to contact Alan Jervis.