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Jervis Blog: What does Environmental Liability Insurance Cover?

What does ELI Cover?  There are many forms of liability insurance including public liability insurance, employer’s liability insurance, director and officers insurance. But none of these generally provide adequate cover for environmental liabilities. Due to the toughening up of environmental laws in the UK, the costs of defense and clean up can be very expensive […]

Jervis Insurance History Blog: Old Lloyd’s Building

The first Lloyd’s building at 12 Leadenhall Street had been built on this site in 1928. In 1958, due to a significant  expansion of the market, a new building was constructed across the road at 51 Lime Street (now the site of the Willis Building. Lloyd’s now occupied the Heysham Building and the Cooper Building. […]

Jervis Insurance History Blog: Origins of the Warsaw Convention

On 17 August 1923, it was first the French government that proposed the convening of a diplomatic conference  for the purpose of concluding a convention relating to liability in international carriage by air. The conference was formally deferred on two occasions due to reluctant behavior of the governments of various nations to act on such […]

Jervis Blog: Renewable Energy: Wind Power – A lesson in having proper foundations

There have been reported continuing issues of foundation failure on wind turbines. This issue was given some focus in Højgaard A/S v E.On Climate & Renewables UK Robin Rigg East Limited and another [2017] UKSC 59, where a miscalculation in the strength of the turbines’ foundations resulted in approximately €26 m of remedial costs. In the […]

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Jervis ICI Insurance History Blog: Ancient Forms of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy utilizes natural cycles and systems—such as sunlight, wind, tides, and geothermal heat—to create energy in a form ready for human consumption. These sources differ from fossil fuel, for example. Probably one of the oldest usages of renewable energy is harnessing the wind in order to drive ships over water. This practice can be […]

Jervis History Blog:

Selandia was lauched in 1912 and is one of the first motor ships in the world. Previous vessels were powered by steam.The new motorship was described as “smokeless” and caused some to describe it as a “phantom ship.” The name “diesel” comes from the man who pioneered the innovation of the fuel, Dr; Rudolph Diesel […]

Former MV Jana adrift off Cape St. Mary’s

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