Energy insurance is yet another specialized class within a specialty field.

Hull insurance is dominated somewhat by the British, American, Norwegian and French marine markets. Of particular note are the Institute Hull Clauses of the London market and the Clauses of the American Institute of Marine Underwriters.

Commercial hull risks can range from the smallest fishing boat to a large cargo carrier or a passenger line.

High value or complex hull claims and General Average claims are adjusted by an Average Adjuster. (‘average’ meaning damage)

There have been many serious casualties at sea involving both passenger lines and cargo carriers principally as a result of errors in navigation, collision, fire and hurricanes or heavy storms.

Along with other classes of marine insurance, Alan has been adjusting hull claims for 29 years. He has served on the Rules and Practice Committee of the Association of Average Adjusters of Canada for over 10 years and also served as a member of the Joint General Average International Working Group set up by the International Union of Marine Insurance and the International Group of P and I Clubs.

Alan has also facilitated workshops on hull insurance at the local Insurance Institutes and for insurance brokers