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Alan Jervis B.A. Hons., F.C.I.I., M.A.E.,Chartered Insurer

Member of the Academy of Experts


A Marine and Liability Insurance Expert for a Complex World

Responds in English, French & Italian



Alan Jervis

Marine and Liability Insurance Expert Witness and Consultant Services

Marine & Liability Specialist Services covering: Expert Witness, Contentious Claim Review, Audit & Peer Review, Insurance Archeology, Insurance Courses & General Consulting.

Marine & Liability Insurance Expert Witness

Expert Witness Marine Insurance

Alan is an active insurance underwriter and practitioner with 40 years experience and continues to participate in industry associations within the education and knowledge sharing sectors. To many members of the legal profession, having an insurance expert who is current on industry custom and practice is key to providing effective and credible evidence to assist the court or tribunal in a given dispute.

Alan has been retained as a marine & liability insurance expert witness in over 40 cases based in the United Kingdom, Canada, United States and Singapore. Alan has testified at trial and arbitration on 4 occasions and has given sworn testimony at pre-trial and deposition hearings on more than 12 occasions.

Alan is a full practising Member of the Academy of Experts and complies with the Academy’s Codes of Practice. CLICK HERE for details.

Audit and Peer Review

Marine insurance expert witness audit and peer reviews

Insurance Company, Lloyds Syndicate and Coverholder Audit and Peer Review involves engaging Alan as part of the due diligence process.

Alan draws on his long and wide industry experience in marine insurance spanning over four different insurance markets to assist insurance companies, reinsurance companies and Lloyd’s Syndicates to achieve and maintain professional excellence in the fields of underwriting, claims and compliance.

Contentious Claim Review 

Contentious Insurance Claims Review

Contentious Claims Review Prematurely and or incorrectly denying a claim and failing to follow sound claims handling practices may lead to a very long, protracted and costly journey before the courts.

Engaging Alan to review a contentious claim with a second set of professional eyes may assist insurers in making an informed decision as to its final outcome.

Insurance Archeology

Insurance archeology

History has taught us that sometimes it may take years or even many decades for claims to manifest. Example of this latent development can be found in the area of illness or injury arising from asbestos contamination and also in the area of pollution or environmental damage.

The defendant parties, such as shipowners and employers or contractors, who have been at the receiving end of such claims often require assistance in locating the relevant policy documents that may ultimately offer coverage for defence and indemnity.

Alan has proven to have the track record and expertise to locate lost policy documents or secondary evidence to support coverage.

Insurance Courses

Insurance Courses

Knowledge adds to skills and skills bring about excellence in our calling.

Through his teachings, Alan offers 40 years knowledge and experience in the industry and is able to offer valuable insights as well as expertise in the subject matter to improve the insurance practitioner’s skill set and professional standards.

General Consulting

General Insurance Consulting and Consultancy

Alan continues to assist associations and corporations both within and outside the insurance industry on matters of marine insurance.

Please feel free to contact us today to discuss how we can assist you with any of the following services: Marine insurance expert witness, claims overview, peer review and audit, insurance archaeology or, if you would like to book a course.


Alan Jervis
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